A jewel between two bell towers
Moneglia and its beauties

Moneglia, in the heart of the Ligurian Riviera, between Portofino and Cinque Terre, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and since 1990 it has continuously received the European Blue Flag for its crystal-clear waters and the quality of services offered by the beaches. Not coincidentally, according to some, the town's toponym derives from the Latin "monilia", "monile", that means: something precious.

The enchanting bay of Moneglia is delimited by two promontories: Punta Moneglia with its luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation that can only be reached through paths surrounded by greenery, and Punta Rospo with residential villages. The historic center is considerably interesting and one of the main attractions is the Monleone Castle which, according to tradition was built in 1173, when its name appeared in a Genoese edict that ordered the construction of defensive castles, designed to defend the Republic from rivals attacks Malaspina and Saracen pirates.

Moneglia maintains its seafaring spirit intact and is mainly frequented thanks to its coast with large sandy beaches and numerous coves accessible by the sea. There are many paths in the surrounding hills ideal for walking, trekking or mountain biking. In addition, the rocky coast is famous for having perfect walls for climbing and the seabed offers emotions for diving enthusiasts.

Moneglia and the Riviera charm

Moneglia, a real pearl of the Ligurian coast.

Panoramic paths perfect for a holiday surrounded by nature.
Bike e Trekking

A particular appeal: most of the nature trails have an extraordinary sea view, both for simple walks for the whole family and for more technical and demanding routes for experts.

The Ligurian Riviera for your beach vacation: sun, beach, scent of salt.
Sea and beach

The Ligurian coast offers ever-changing panoramas, from the beach to the rocks, from large beaches to small bays. For a relaxing or an active holiday with breathtaking landscapes.

Discover the traditions, history, culture and cuisine of our Liguria.
Tradition and Culture

Liguria is a land which has fascinated poets, writers and artists. Region rich in nature and other interesting and surprising treasures of art, medieval villages, culture, typical dishes and festivals.

Discover Ligurian Riviera lure
Discovering Liguria

The Ligurian Riviera and the most beautiful villages

Liguria, squeezed between mountains and sea, owes its uniqueness to the territorial conformation. The steep streets, the perched villages and the narrow and rocky beaches make it one of the most suggestive regions of Italy.

The beauties of its natural environment, the mildness of its weather, the crystal clear sea, the ancient historical testimonies and the spontaneous tourist vocation have made this land a perfect region to offer hospitality and to spend unforgettable holidays.

The attractions in Liguria are many and all with a particular charm, sea, land, culture, art... Liguria is a very rich region, you just have to explore it with us.

From the mountain to the sea, breathtaking views
Come and discover the Ligurian Riviera

Discover the Ligurian landscapes, uncontaminated villages, natural wonders, spectacular postcard views. Liguria is a land surrounded by imposing mountains and gentle hills colored by the green of the Mediterranean flora that plunge into the sea with high and jagged coasts rich in coves and beaches of fine sand.

Region with multiple aspects, it offers a rich panorama of opportunities to those who choose this magical territory to spend their holidays. Nature, sea, mountains, culture but also cuisine, entertainment and social life awaits for you.

Unique landscape in the world with the typical dry stone walls characteristic of the hills overlooking the crystal clear sea with bays, ravines and enchanting beaches among the rocks.

Inaccessible coves and dizzying cliffs, where are settled the intact, wild, incredibly beautiful villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore: guardians of a territory that has been declared National Park; included in the list of world-, environmental and cultural heritage of UNESCO.

For nature lovers, the beauties of Cinque Terre are not limited to the mainland. The stretch of coast between Promontory of Punta Mesco and Capo di Montenero has become a natural park, with the denomination of the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Natural Area.

For its geographic conformation, it is defined the "city of the two seas", being the historical center overlooking the "fairy tales bay" and the "bay of silence". The "Baia delle Favole" owes its name to the writer H.C. Anderesen, and gives Sestri its lively and animated aspect with the wide beach, the beach resorts, the numerous restaurants and clubs that make it lively and characteristic.

There are many natural qualities of the site: the ease of docking, the position at the end of a vast alluvial plain and at the beginning of important communication routes with the hinterland.

An excursion to Punta Manara, Punta Baffe and Monte Castello, in the middle of a Mediterranean flora, the hamlet of Santa Vittoria di Libiola with the ancient iron mines, the ancient parish church of Santo Stefano al Ponte are a must: very scenic itineraries also suitable for mountain biking.

Famous seaside village and natural port located in the middle of a deep inlet of the homonymous cape, Portofino has long been a renowned tourist center known all over the world.

To understand the beauty and uniqueness of Portofino you have to look at it from the square of the San Giorgio's church, on the lighthouse's promontory: from there at a glance you dominate the port and the colorful houses with the characteristic decorations.

The Mediterranean flora of the Monte di Portofino park is another primacy of the area: the pines and olive trees, which reach the sea, alternate with shrubs such as broom, thyme, heather, myrtle, saxifrage, the strawberry tree, but botanists have classified over seven hundred different plant species, and have not stopped yet.

Framura is a small town whose territory, with mountains and olive trees terracing, fall precipitously onto the sea, in the midst of which small pebbly beaches are formed, is among the most fascinating in the whole Liguria.

The area is particularly suitable for a tourism loving relaxing walks among the ancient paths and woods, but also for mountain bikers and trekking enthusiasts. Even water sports lovers can find their paradise here; the most experienced divers can in fact explore the seabed in front of the coast where numerous wrecks are hidden.

One of the best known seaside villages of the Riviera di Levante with characteristic bright colors and decorations of the buildings overlooking the ancient pier built by the Genoa Republic in the eighteenth century.

Until the last century, Camogli was not only a fishing village, but also "home" for severals shipowners known all over the world. There are still many fishermen and, on the second Sunday of May, it is possible to taste the largest fish fry in the world, prepared in monumental pavilions for the San Fortunato festival, protector of the village.

Numerous hiking trails start in the surroundings of Camogli. Passing through the San Rocco hamlet, you can reach the summit of Monte Portofino, or you can go down to Porto Pidocchio, a charming tiny harbor populated with tourists the whole year.

Levanto, one of the most popular tourist and seaside resorts of the Riviera di Levante is located in the center of a choreographic gulf and it is considered, by many, the gateway to visit the pearls of Liguria; in fact beyond its promontory of Punta Mesco, stretches the famous coast of the Cinque Terre.

Levanto is also one of the most popular places in Italy for surf lovers; thanks to its great coastal storms it gathers fans of this sport who, once a year, can compete in an international tournament.

This is a really appreciated place for trekking lovers who can walk across the splendid panoramic paths overlooking the sea that connect Levanto to the Cinque Terre and other pretty and characteristic villages.

Portovenere is one of the most beautiful corners of Liguria; a fishing village that enchants for its colors, its position on the sea and its particular architecture. Famous is its marina, with the typical fishermen's houses, built in a row with the typical Ligurian colors, with steep stairways and narrow alleys.

Entering through the main door of the ancient village you will be immediately immersed in an atmosphere of times gone, among alleys, narrow streets and stairways that reach the imposing Castle of Porto Venere.

Portovenere with its enchanting and unique landscape, has been declared by the UNESCO, a World Heritage Site and the surrounding area is a Natural Park and Marine Protected Area.

Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre



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